The Ignatian Way
Finding Your Way
A Map For Work & Spiritual Growth

Using The Ignatian Map

There is no financial cost to you for engaging in this journey towards successful work transition with Ignacio. You will find resources like the Strong Interest Inventory, Myers Briggs, Career Transition Inventory and Enneagram where there is a charge as they entail communication with a Center for Life Transitions coach/counselor. These resources are optional.

Career coaches and counselors advise that successful transitions begin with identifying important qualities which match work/career possibilities. Your interests, skills, motivations and personality all have a lot to do with career/work/retirement success. This process is called self-assessment and once you’re able to find understanding and meaningful language around these qualities, you can begin researching options and opportunities. This is the foundation for setting work goals which are specific, which will impress the people with whom you communicate̢—̢and which will inspire you!

As you move through the work, please consider saving it in a designated file on your computer, laptop or notebook. Developing your own system for doing this and referring to the work as you move around the MAP will be useful to you and people who may be helping you.

Beginning with the Soul

Searching your deeper self (i.e. soul, spirit) can also help you gain insights into a new work direction̢—̢and raise important, BIG questions which can shape your decision-making. For example:

Starting with Self Assessment

This IGNATIAN MAP begins in the city of Loyola, Spain, (where Ignacio was born) with Self-Assessment and finishes in Rome with an emphasis on Big Questions/Vocation. The process of career/work development is rarely linear and you do not need to move through the MAP sequentially. For many however, going through a process where your accomplishments toward clarity and specific goals build on each other can be helpful. (link to Career Development Model) In this way, you would start in Loyola and follow Ignacio’s journey in the order he traveled.

But you are also encouraged to begin in any city where the Resources (link to description of resources) appeal to you.

It could also be meaningful for you to begin at the finish in Rome. By beginning in Rome, you’ll get an idea of your end goals and you may want to start working there to see how much you already know before you begin the journey. You’ll be updating your work as you gain new insights and information.

The MAP will allow you to go back and forth among the cities and Resources as you do the work necessary to answer the Work Goals and Big Questions/Vocation section in Rome.

The the objective of the Ignatian map is to complete the work in Rome which include both the Big Questions/Vocation, Work Objectives as well as the Do the Next Thing Questions.

Cities and Resources

The cities on the MAP will include the following work and spiritual “Contributing Resources.”

  1. Loyola
    1. Self-Assessment and Exercises
    2. Career Transitions Inventory
  2. Montserrat
    1. Spiritual Inventories
    2. Values Card Sort
  3. Barcelona
    1. Strong Interest Inventory
    2. Myers Briggs Type Indicator
  4. Manresa
    1. The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius
    2. Spiritual Direction
  5. Jerusalem/The Holy Land
    1. Career/Employer Research
  6. Madrid
    1. The Enneagram Assessment
  7. Paris
    1. NetWorking Activities
    2. LinkedIn
  8. London
    1. Poetry, Music, Prayers
  9. Venice
    1. Structured Spiritual Discussion
  10. Rome
    1. Big Questions/Vocation
    2. Goal Setting and Planning
How the MAP Can Help
  • The MAP shows the 10 cities Ignatius of Loyola (Ignacio) traveled to and where important aspects of his ministry took place. You will find important resources in each of these cities.
  • The MAP will bring together web-based resources and narrative which will help you clarify new work (job, career, retirement) goals while exploring larger life issues of faith, spirituality and vocation.
  • The MAP functionality will encourage you to engage web, print and personal resources which will connect larger life/faith/work goals to meaningful jobs, fields, careers, and opportunities.
  • The MAP will show you Ignatius of Loyola (Ignacio) in each of the cities and he will provide guidance for your transition based in his Spiritual Writings.
  • The map will also guide you through the life of Ignacio, an engaging story about his spiritual and vocational journey from affluent young adult to soldier, beggar, priest and founder of the Jesuits—an international community of thousands of religious and lay disciples in 112 countries and 6 continents today. Many of his lessons and guidance are useful for people in work transitions.

The Beginning of Your Journey

Getting Started in Work Planning & Spiritual Exploration

Making a successful work related transition (job, career, retirement) is arduous and often overwhelming. Reasons for lack of success in work transitions include:

  • Lack of desire to do the hard work necessary for success
  • Fear of uncertainty and putting oneself in uncomfortable situations,
  • No clear direction and concrete work/career/retirement goals
  • Inability to gain clarity around deep ideas like “vocation”, “gifts” and “call”
  • No personal connection between existing work and new, more meaningful work
  • Few resources to help bridge work planning and faith/spirituality
  • “Going it alone” is a formula for fatigue and discouragement

The MAP has the potential to address the above obstacles in your transition work.

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