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Self Assessment & the Career Transition Inventory
Self Assessment
Self Assessment

As we ponder new possibilities, our first reaction is often fear, then maybe unsuitability or unworthiness. Go deeper. It warrants further consideration, maybe even action.

New professional and work challenges are always scary as we are moving from things we know (and are comfortable with) to things that are new, and uncertain. Sometimes it can be helpful to focus on your strengths and your successes in previous transitions

Career coaches and counselors say that successful transitions begin with identifying important qualities which match work/career possibilities. Your strengths, motivations and personality have a lot to do with career success. Examining interests (what you like), skills/abilities (what you do well) and values (what you truly care about) is a traditional starting place. This process is called self-assessment and once you’re able to find meaningful language around these qualities, you can begin researching options and opportunities.

But rather than beginning here, it may be more meaningful to start with a less concrete approach. Searching your deeper self (i.e. soul, spirit) can also help you gain insights into a new work direction—and raise important questions which can shape your decision-making. Clicking over to Rome and the Big Questions/Vocation may be a helpful beginning as well.

Or, start with the Career Transitions Inventory and a few Self Assessment exercises

Self Assessment Exercises

Identifying important characteristics about yourself through worksheets can be a helpful beginning to making a transition. These worksheets provide important new language to better understand yourself and to present yourself to others.

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